Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Reading for mom

Have you read this series yet? 

Summer time is the perfect time to curl up in a beach chair or hammock with a good book. I love it when I find a good book, or series to capture me. I am taking part in the adult summer reading program at my local library. There are great prizes, and they are not just for the kids. My children have been reading away also. They are very motivated by prizes.They just love it.  Are you participating in a summer reading program?

 Find a sitter and take yourself to the beach to relax and read, we all know there is no relaxing at the beach when the kids are involved.  Another perfect time to read during the summer is during a thunder storm. I LOVE thunder storms. There is a certain amunt of peace about them.  Whatever little bit of time you can manage, lose yourself in good book this summer. Mommy's deserve a mental break.

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