Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School Lunch

I have to say our back to school transition has been fabulous. The first day was filled with joy, excitement, tears,(only from mommy)and exhaustion. B rode the bus to school for a full first day. I picked him up at 3:15, home for a little play time, dinner and then soccer practice. Yes, I am officially a soccer mom now. :) I love it!!  B was a very happy boy. He loves school, and soccer.

It's the second day of school and I am fulfilling another lunch request from B. He wanted cream cheese spread that he could spread onto crackers. I simply mixed cut up carrots, green olives and baby spinach with some cream cheese. B loves this kind of snack. I included a fresh tomato from our garden, which B eats like a little apple. The boy is a serious tomato lover. He wanted a tomato basil wrap with turkey, cheese, spinach and mustard. I usually try to add a couple fruit servings, today we have nectarine chunks and clementine wedges. I could never forget B's pickle. I put in a fruit leather for a special treat.

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