Monday, September 9, 2013

School Lunch

After I put this lunch together I realized it has a lot of cheese in it. :) Oh well, B loved it anyway. I like to add a little note in B's lunch box. He has not learned to read yet, and the lunch monitors at school probably don't have time to read notes from every mom, so I always write xo. He knows it means hugs and kisses. I'm sure this note is more for me than him, but I feel better when I send him a little love note from mommy. I'm sure I will only get away with this for a couple more years before it embarrasses him. Do you ever include a note in your child's lunchbox?

Inside this lunch:
Turkey, cheese, mustard, spinach on a spinach wrap
Cottage Cheese, in closed container
Dill Havarti Cheese cut into leaves
White Macaroon, view recipe here.


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