Monday, July 7, 2014

Coconut water mango smoothie

It's nice to be back to blogging after a fun filled vacation. We had a fabulous week enjoying the sunshine, and lots of time together as a family. The fourth was kind of a wash, (literally) since it poured the entire day and night canceling all of our planned activities for the day. We made the most of it with a family movie night, and than a forth of July redo the next day. :) How was your fourth? Any cancellations in your area?

This coconut water mango smoothie is delicious. Lately I have been mixing coconut water with just about everything trying to mask the taste so I will drink it. Don't get me wrong, I want to like it, I just don't. :) I have really been making the effort lately because of all the goodness coconut water has to offer. It is my new superfood.

You will need:
1 c. pure unsweetened coconut water
1 c. mango (fresh or frozen)

Thanks for visiting, Kayla

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