Wednesday, July 16, 2014

S'mores Pop's

My kids love s'mores. Often times during the summer we will have a fire in our fire pit, and roast marshmallows. On a rainy summer night when we would love the have a fire, but we just can't a different method comes in handy. This is super easy, and takes very little time. The kids loved them, and my hubby too.
You will need:
Graham Crackers
Popsicle Sticks
Muffin Cups, or Wax Paper

Crush a few graham crackers in a small bowl. Melt the desired amount of chocolate in a double boiler or glass bowl over a saucepan with water. Insert popsicle sticks into the marshmallows and dip in the melted chocolate. Dip in the graham crackers and set on wax paper or in a muffin cup to cool.

 You have all the s'mores tastes just in a new way. They are less messy too. Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting, Kayla


  1. The girls would love to do this next time they are here. :) Have you found a gluten free graham cracker?

  2. Yes. I found some at Morning Glory. They are called S'moreables, made by kinnikinnick foods. They are actually cut into perfect s'mores servings.